All the tea in China…

For as long as the ‘Quintet’ recording has been around (about a year now) I have had it in my mind that I would try and do a video for the track ‘Where Have All The Teaspoons Gone?’ just because it’s such an overly sentimental tune for such a paltry topic that I thought I could have some fun with it. Immediately I thought of the look and feel of nostalgic video (think the intro to ‘The Wonder Years’) and had a loose idea that the narrative should involve either the travels of, or emotional breakdown of, a teaspoon.

Given that I already had a load of video clips from my travels over the last year and a half, I opted for the former. Most of the footage is from China, either from The Great Wall of China, Shanghai, or Beijing (the Beijing footage being mostly filmed at 6/7am having not slept). I guess in context one could assume that the teaspoon in question traveled to China in search of greener pastures/tea and I in turn pursued in my own search, for it. Having failed (to find a teaspoon in China) I return disheartened and resort to looking in places where I happened to be anyway…

Perhaps I’ll make another vid for the second part of the tune, where we find out where it had actually been. Perhaps not. Either way, I hope you enjoy the following bit of silliness, and the accompanying music.

About alamnathoo

I am a musician living in the Brockley/New Cross area of southeast London. I play saxophones mainly, as well as writing and listening to music. Other interests include films, the occasional book and alternative comedy. I have also been known to teach. Feel free to get in touch either through here, my email:, facebook, or twitter @alamnathoo
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